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All of our equipment is new and well maintained. We currently only have 2 audio systems to choose from but are in the process of acquiring our “large” system.


Options are:

Small PA: 6500 Watts which is good for public speaking, DJs or any event with 500 or fewer people.

Medium PA: 28,000 Watts (Mains) and 6,500 Watts (Monitors) which is good for small to mid-sized live music events up to 2500 people over 60 meters of distance.



    -Carvin 16x4 Analog (16 chan)

    -Presonus StudioLive 24.4.4 AI Digital@48k (24 Chan)



   -dBx 266XL

   -dBx 166


   -TC Helicon




   -Shure 57, 58, Beta 52

   -Sennheiser e935, e609



We are capable of providing multitrack audio recordings of your event that can be mixed down and rendered  for no additional cost. We can also generate or receive and record SMPTE clock for video and audio synchronization.

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