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Our stage was designed and manufactured by us for us. We did this to be able to design the stage beyond the necessary rated capacities for weight and load. We did this primarily for safety and durability in Texas Spring weather.


The center support section of the stage is made from 1/4" wall  structural steel. The rooftop assembly can stand up to those severe thunderstorms Texas is known for.




 -Dimensions: 30'x24'x3', the rooftop can vary in height from 8' all the way to 16'. There are 2 wing assemblies to support speakers which are 4'X8' each.


 -Fully integrated power distribution puts power where you need it without spider cables or stage pin distribution blocks.  The power center takes 400A 3 phase (5 wire) but can be adapted to take residential or commercial drops at 200A+.  Power is distributed throughout the stage into the rooftop assembly for lights, projectors or TVs. Our stage includes power distribution so there is no more equipment to rent.


  - We built our stage floor out of structural steel and 1" plywood to keep the flooring firm.


  - Fast setup and tear down.  In less than 1 hour the stage can be fully deployed and taken down.


  -12'x8'x18" drum riser which can be deployed in multiple formats to support  a variety of stage plots.

  - Stage and drum riser is skirted.


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